UPS for circulators

UPS for circulators

Significant Extension of the Backup Time with the Use of Interconnection Kit and External Battery of the User

The internal battery of the power supply is part of the supply and it ensures e.g. safe burning completion. However, in the case of long-term power outages, there is a need to use the boiler for heating, not just protect it. That is why the power supply also includes an interconnection kit. It is used to connect the backup power supply with an external battery, which the customer does not buy with the power supply, but supplies it only when needed. This provides the possibility of powering all types of boilers, incl. automatic ones, during long power outages. Cheap.

Self-Diagnostics - Fault Prevention and Assurance of Safe Boiler Operation

Every ASTIP power supply continuously checks its own functions. If the self-diagnosis of the power supply detects a failure, an alarm will be triggered, and the output of the power supply will automatically go off to the power grid. In the event of a power supply failure, there is no immediate danger and the alarm will notify about this situation even in the summer. It is important to never switch off the power supply.

Sinusoidal Shape of the Output Voltage - Safe Powering of All Power Equipment

The power supplies guarantee safe operation of any electrical equipment. Especially pumps with el. regulation, boiler electronics,... may be prone to the shape of the voltage. The shape of the voltage is the same as the shape of the voltage in the power grid.

Automatic Operation of the Power Supply

After the power supply activation, all operations are carried out automatically.

Cold Start

The power supplies can also be turned on when the power grid is out of operation; e.g. someone accidentally switches off the power supply, then there is a power outage and you need to turn the power supply on.

In case of their failure, the ELSTON power supplies do not prevent pumps or boilers from being powered by the electric power from the power grid!!!! Their own failure does not cause an accident of e.g. a boiler stove with a hot-water heat exchanger.


Easy Installation and Connection of Power Supplies

Thanks to the mounting kit, the power can be easily attached to the wall. An electrically simple connection is provided by a socket, flexo cables, and a lock connector with an interconnection kit for connecting an external battery.


External battery

It is important that boiler inputs have decreased, including automatic boilers.

The average consumption of Czech boilers is between 50-90 W *. Then it is important that all types of power supplies marked "DUO", e.g. 240S3 DUO, are equipped with an interconnection kit that can be used to connect an external battery to the internal battery. Safe burning completion, e.g. 4 h, is ensured by the internal battery.

However, in winter, power outages can last 24 hours or more and how to secure the heat and light in the house? Just by using an interconnection kit and an external battery to be supplied by user from a car, bike, tractor, from a neighbour,...

Power sources are also suitable for powering automatic boilers, especially in an object that does not have another non-electric source of heat installed.


The backup time can be easily extended to 24 HOURS OR MORE.


The main advantage is a low initial investment in the purchase of the backup power source.


The backup power supplies are suitable for all boiler types incl. automatic boilers because they are inexpensive and provide heat in a house that does not have another non-electrical source of heating during a long-term power outage.

The connector with the counterpart and the socket for connection to the battery are included in the delivery and are already included in the price of the power supply.


The power reserve of the power supplies can be used to power lights.

Resource prices also include a set to connect power supply with an external battery.

The interconnection kit allows connecting of all types of batteries.

The battery may have any capacity.

The external battery can be connected even when the power supply is out of operation due to the discharge of internal batteries.

You can turn the power supply off and then on again. The power supply allows a so-called cold start.

The power supplies are protected both against short-circuit and permanent overloading



A power failure must not prevent powering of the equipment from the power grid

It is important that in the event of a failure or unintentional shutdown of the power supply, powering of the boiler or pump switches automatically to the power grid. The malfunctioning power supply's error message itself is not sufficient.

The power supply must have sinusoidal shape of the output voltage

This is the only way how to safely power any electrical equipment. A wide range of economical pumps with electronic control come in the market. Some require a sinusoidal shape. All control and regulatory systems must be powered by sinusoidal voltage.

The power supply should be equipped with self-diagnostics

Information during the year and also outside of the heating season is important to the user. Knowing about the failure in advance is an unpleasant piece of information, but at the same time, this prevention is the most important feature of the power supply.

WARNING!!! A penny saved may be a trouble earned…


There are backup power supplies on the market that resellers offer as emergency power supplies for powering the pumps and as a protection against boiler accidents in case of a power outage. Power supplies that were primarily used to power computers are cost-effective, but in the event of a power failure, they can cause a fatal problem because in case of their failure, they prevent powering of the circulating pump from the power grid. In addition, the voltage progressions are non-sinusoidal, which negatively affects some economical pumps. In addition, none of these power supplies have an alarm in case of their failure.

In case of a failure when the power grid is functioning, the user has no idea that the pump is neither powered from the power grid, nor from the power supply and that there is a risk of boiler overheating.

There is also a system with a 12VDC-powered pump on the market. The manufacturer also offers it as a protection against an accident in solid fuel boilers in the event of a power grid failure. The main problem with this solution occurs in case of the DC power supply failure or if the source is unintentionally turned off. At that point, the power grid is OK but it cannot power the pump because it requires 12VDC.

So first, the pump is powered by the battery. After the battery is discharged, the emergency situation occurs. Because the power grid is OK, the user is not aware of the occurring risk, possibly not hearing the alarm. After the battery is discharged, the boiler can overheat if the supply is used this way.